It takes a long time to produce a ten-pager. William Van Horn often needs up to two months to prepare a story from the first idea to the last line of ink.

So it is always a welcome diversion for Bill to interrupt his Disney production and draw one of his occasional watercolors. He often takes the motifs from his own covers and panels. Sometimes, however, he makes a wholly new drawing. Among them is for example Van Horn’s “Family Tree” which is probably one of his most famous watercolors.

In our artwork gallery we present all watercolor paintings we have found so far.

We have arranged the illustrations on four pages. First come the watercolors which Bill based on his own covers.

On the second page we show all the other Disney drawings.

Unfortunately the watercolors on the third page are only available in miniature size. Unlike the other images they cannot be enlarged by clicking them.

The fourth page contains non-Disney motifs featuring Nervous Rex.

When Carl Barks was few years into his well-deserved retirement as a comic artist he began to produce oil paintings which can completely be viewed on the Internet. So they are preserved for posterity. Van Horn’s watercolors surely deserve the same.

For this reason we try to find images of the missing drawings and hope to present a complete gallery in some months.

Of course we would like to replace the low-quality images and the miniatures with better ones. So we appeal for the help of all visitors of our fansite who possess images or original drawings which are still missing from our gallery.

Some of these watercolors and more artwork can also be viewed on the website of Bill’s art broker, William Corbeil:

The artwork section contains 219 images now. Latest additions:

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