Rumpus McFowl
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Rumpus McFowl
Scrooge’s halfbrother
D91377 It’s All Relative
D94206 Say Uncle!
D98154 Secrets
D99053 Travails
D2000-045 Ain’t It The Truth
D2000-145 A Dime For Your Thoughts
D2001-056 Full Circle
D2002-091 Hats All, Folks
D2003-131 Pudding It Straight
D2003-134 Zenith
D2006-184 Easy Circumstances
D2007-075 Close-Ups
D2007-304 Scrooge For A Day
D2008-123 Nothing Like It
D2008-308 The Stick-Up
D2011-149 Astray For A Day
D2011-025 Pull The Other One
D2011-148 Doggone!
D2013-003 Rummage For Rumpus
D2013-094 The Line
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