Scrooge McDuck
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Scrooge McDuck
Donald’s uncle
AR111 A Prickly Relation
AR117 Dime Collector
AR121 Floating Alone
AR123 Large Deduction
AR124 Lost On A Dog
AR126 His Money’s Worth
AR129 Shaping Up
AR135 The Three Bs
AR138 Quick Trim
AR139 Coin Of The Realm
AR142 Windfall On Mt. G’zoontight
AR144 Shooting To The Top
AR146 The Bedeviled Dime
AR147 False Economy
AR148 The Whistling Ghost
AR151 Sky-High Hi-Jinks
AR152 The Billion Bean Stampede
AR154 The Amazon Queen
KU0190 Pie In The Sky
KU3090 No Room For Human Error
KD0890 Snore Losers
KD5590 That Ol’ Soft Soap
D92145 The Yawn Patrol
D92206 The Pauper’s Glass
D92207 The Black Moon
D94003 Horsing Around With History
D94206 Say Uncle!
D97152 Room And Bored
D98154 Secrets
D99051 Fools Of The Trade
D99053 Travails
D99292 The Utter Limits
D2000-047 The Hard-Boiled Duck
D2000-145 A Dime For Your Thoughts
D2001-056 Full Circle
D2001-057 Flying High
D2002-091 Hats All, Folks
D2003-131 Pudding It Straight
D2003-133 Out Of The Blue
D2004-055 Blowhards
D2006-183 Winks
D2006-184 Easy Circumstances
D2007-075 Close-Ups
D2007-304 Scrooge For A Day
D2008-123 Nothing Like It
D2008-308 The Stick-Up
D2010-077 Woe Is He!
D2011-148 Doggone!
D2011-149 Astray For A Day
D2014-109 The Gambit
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