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September 19, 2015

German publisher Ehapa has launched a bimonthly magazine called Micky Maus English Edition to publish Disney comics in English. The first issue is numbered 5/15 and contains stories by Barks, Miguel, Ferioli and Rodriques as well as Bill’s Gyro six-pager “Same Old Stuff” (D2000-144).

The next issue is scheduled for November 17. No details known yet.

January 30, 2015

IDW Publishing, the new Disney comic-book licensee for North America, has announced four monthly titles:

Uncle Scrooge (starting in April)

Donald Duck (starting in May)

Mickey Mouse (starting in June)

Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories (starting in July)

We have little doubt that some of the newer Van Horn stuff will now finally see print in its original language. is a non-commercial fansite. Suggestions are always welcome.