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Donald Duck: The Heat Of The Moment
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Storycode: D2008-122 · Pages: 9
Script: William Van Horn · Art: William Van Horn
U.S. publications: WDC 719

The increasing global warming calls for measures, even in Duckburg. So city hall appoints five volunteer emission inspectors. They are supposed to find and record sources of emissions. Whoever records the highest readings will receive an award from the city. Donald and his neighbor Jones, who are among the five, would both like to win, of course. They use modern instruments, but to no big avail. When Jones begins to collect small emission sources, Donald climbs up a gigantic smokestack, hoping to hit the jackpot. Delivering their results at city hall, howwever, the five volunteers get a hot surprise.

Two mosquitoes find the global warming quite cozy.

Illustration Disney.
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